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    IMCA Safety Flash Summary of 2016

    IMCA Safety Flash Summary of 2016

    The IMCA have recently published their Safety Flash summary of 2016. With some interesting facts and figures recorded over the year.

    "This is a brief summary of the incidents reported during 2016, highlighting some of the trends and points worthy of note. During 2016, IMCA published 148 incidents in 35 safety flashes. This is outstanding – IMCA members are to be thanked for sharing more incidents during 2016 than in any previous year. One of the challenges we faced in 2016 was maintaining the highest levels of impact and learning value of safety flash incidents, at a time when we were publishing a safety flash almost every week. For this reason, we have not published every incident reported to us – we have omitted to publish 25 reported incidents. In general, we have not passed on incidents which were considered to have no new or relevant lessons for members."

    Click here to download the full PDF report